Frequently asked questions

Why isn't the visor transparent?

The protective films must be removed on both sides to achieve 100% transparency.

How do I mount the visor on the bracket?

Leaving the protective film on one side, attach the visor with the clear side of the protective film facing the inside of the mask. So that on the outside the film is still on the visor. Once attached remove the protective film.

How do I remove the protective film?

The protective film can be easily removed by scraping or rubbing with the finger on a sharply angled area from the outside of the film towards the inside of the visor.

How do I apply the stretcher and where do I place the stretcher on the head and neck?

In order to set up the smileshield easily, place the cord or stretcher behind your head and pull it over your ears. Leave it hanging like this. Take the smileshield and hook left and right into the appropriate openings. Put it well on the chin and adjust by placing the stretcher higher on the head and leave the other part in your neck. Now you are going to adjust the frame so that it follows the line of your lower jaw. This is how it sits best.

How can I face the screen more to my face?

If you have the impression that the transparent screen is too far away from your nose, you can adjust the position on the rear ball to the height opening on both sides. This will bring the screen more to your face.

Where can I buy the Smileshield?

The Smileshield can be bought on Amazon and on

Where can I buy larger quantities?


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