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Martial Geudin
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Product Design

Industrial Design

Graphic Brand Design


V&V Engineering

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Mould Production

Technical Support


Started as a strong wish to contribute to the fight of the COVID19. Each with its competences and by uniting them to be able to produce products that would help to apprehend this strange enemy. Designed by Martial Geudin following the Western morphology to fit in our regions. Designed to be more comfortable and with a trendy look. The initial idea was to make a totally Belgian based product. V&V Engineering for its precision and flexible production was the ideal partner as asset.


Through Dennis Logie, we get into the healthcare world which was the first to target our products. One of those products is the “smile-shield”.


With the "smart-shield", we want to help the hospitality industry, schools, paramedics and all persons to be protected and meet again in safety.


With this product, we believe that we can improve the imposed safety measures.


As we are following the international scientific researchers and check our products by virologists and doctors we stay up to date for improvements or new concepts.


is a collaboration and co-creation of

V&V Engineering and Martial Geudin